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About Peaceful Wooden Puzzles

Wood Jigsaw Puzzles  Proudly Made in Wisconsin!

Our Mission

Peaceful Wooden Puzzles is dedicated to bringing you quality wooden heirloom puzzles which can be handed down through the coming generations. We are proud to offer a fine selection of puzzle images in a variety of sizes for you to enjoy while spending quality time with family and friends.

Our History

Peaceful Wooden Puzzles has been manufacturing wooden laser cut jigsaw puzzles since 2010. Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are made from the finest ¼” maple veneered plywood. Our designers create cutting grids which include whimsy's that bring additional fun in putting puzzles together. Whimsy’s are figurative or familiar shapes that add enjoyment to our puzzles like flowers, doves, the family or signs of peace, hearts and more. Our whimsy’s are part of the heart of our business as they depict our thankfulness for the opportunity to provide you with a quality wooden jigsaw puzzle.

Quality Material

Peaceful Wooden Puzzles uses high quality, one-quarter inch, five-ply, Maple plywood base material which ensures a strong puzzle that will stand up to decades of play with minimum care.

The image side of each puzzle is covered by high-quality laminate material with UV protection, while the reverse side is a maple veneer covered with a polyurethane wood finish which gives added protection.  Quality photo paper and lamination material ensure a crystal-clear image.

Our Process

We use state-of-the-art laser technology for design, laser cutting and engraving which offers a Heirloom quality wooden puzzle and allows each piece to fit snugly and slide smoothly into place for a perfect fit.

Using a laser to cut ensures the highest quality product while obtaining a more affordable price.

Every puzzle is disassembled by hand and inspected for quality before shipping.

Our Images

Many of our Fine Art puzzles use images most of you will be familiar with.  Others may be by familiar artists although, we try to use some paintings that other manufacturers don’t offer to give our customer a nice alternative to what’s already in the marketplace.

We also contract with artists from all over the world who provide us with unique photos and original artwork that you will not find anywhere else.  We aspire to always offer a large variety of images for our customers.  

Victorian CutVictorian Cut Puzzles

All of our puzzles are cut using the Victorian Cut Style which is sometimes referred to as 'earlet cut' also contain whimsies or figural puzzle pieces. Just a few of our many whimsy puzzle pieces which are specially shaped wooden puzzle pieces that are easily recognized and add to the enjoyment of completing the puzzle.  This is a rather complex pattern with pieces ½ to 1 ½ inches in size and is recommended for Teens to Adults.

Order Expectations

We treat every order and customer as if it’s our first.  Our customers always come first and we treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

Each order is filled specifically per the customer request. We make every effort to fill and ship each puzzle order within 3 business days. Holiday season in November and December, may take up to 5 business days to ship. If you need us to Rush your order, please contact us. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground and you will receive tracking information sent to your email address.

If you have any questions about your order, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Puzzles are proudly made in Chetek, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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