Flower Fairy Wallflower

  • Artist:Cicely Mary Barker

The Song of
The Wallflower Fairy

Wallflower, Wallflower, up on the wall,
Who sowed your seed there?
"No one at all:
Long, long ago it was blown by the breeze
To the crannies of walls
where I live as I please.

"Garden walls, castle walls, mossy and old,
These are my dwellings;
from these I behold
The changes of years;
yet, each spring that goes by,
Unchanged in my sweet-smelling velvet am I!"

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All Flower Fairy Puzzles measure 6"x 8" with 116 Pieces and are packaged in a tin.

Whimsies Includes: Flowers, Fairies, Garden-themed shapes.


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