Flower Fairy Vetch

  • Artist:Cicely Mary Barker

The Song of The Vetch Fairy

Poor little U
Has nothing to do!
He hasn't a flower: not one.
For U is Unlucky, I'm sorry to tell;
U stands for Unfortunate, Ugly as well;
No single sweet flowery name will it spell -
Is there nothing at all to be done?
"Don't fret, little neighbour,"
says kind fairy V,
"You're welcome to share
all my flowers with me -
Come, play with them, laugh, and have fun.
I've Vetches in plenty for me and for you,
Verbena, Valerian, Violets too:
Don't cry then, because you have none."


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All Flower Fairy Puzzles measure 6"x 8" with 116 Pieces and are packaged in a tin.

Whimsies Includes: Flowers, Fairies, Garden-themed shapes.


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