Flower Fairy Thrift

  • Artist:Cicely Mary Barker

The Song of The Thrift Fairy

Now will we tell of splendid things:
Seagulls, that sail on fearless wings
Where great cliffs tower, grand and high
Against the blue, blue summer sky.
Where none but birds (and sprites) can go.
Oh there the rosy sea-pinks grow,
(Sea-pinks, whose other name is Thrift);
They fill each crevice, chink, and rift
Where no one climbs; and at the top,
Too near the edge for sheep to crop,
Thick in the grass pink patches show.
The sea lies sparkling far below.
Oh lucky Thrift, to live so free
Between blue sky and bluer sea!


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All Flower Fairy Puzzles measure 6"x 8" with 116 Pieces and are packaged in a tin.

Whimsies Includes: Flowers, Fairies, Garden-themed shapes.


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