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We manufacture Heirloom wooden jigsaw puzzles that will last for generations! The finest materials are used to insure that our wooden puzzles will maintain their high-quality well into the future. Custom jigsaw puzzles made with your image are also available in any size or style.

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Puzzle shown is
Sea Anemones
Ernst Haeckel



Featured Artist: Ernst Haeckel

Renowned late 19th- and early 20th-century biologist Ernst Haeckel published more than 100 detailed, multicolor illustrations of animals in his Art Forms of Nature album. The overriding themes of his art are symmetry and organization, with images on each plate arranged for maximum impact. These intensely colored Ascidiae (sea squirts) positively glisten.

290 - Hummingbirds
Available in 3 puzzle sizes!
201 - Sea Anemones
Available in 3 puzzle sizes!
291 - Muscinae
Available in 3 puzzle sizes!
293 - Ascidiae
Available in 3 puzzle sizes!
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